LinkedIn for Smart B2B Businesses

As your certified LinkedIn consultants, we design and implement smart, strategically sound and customised LinkedIn ecosystems for B2B COMPANIES where LinkedIn Organic is integrated with LinkedIn Advertising and, if necessary, with LinkedIn Lead Generation and Social Selling, supported by Employer Advocacy Programs, and founded on optimised, searchable and user-friendly Company Pages and Executive Profiles.

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LinkedIn for Individuals

“As your certified LinkedIn consultants, we provide deep-dive insights and advanced analysis for INDIVIDUALS on how to create or optimise LinkedIn profiles for a) landing new jobs; b) becoming a thought leader; c) for networking purposes; d) promoting personal or company’s services or products. We can teach you how to implement these changes by yourself or we can fully implement these changes and prepare visuals and copies in collaboration with best designers and copywriters.

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The Art of LinkedIn

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Why LinkedIn?

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Fact 1

LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users

Fact 2

30 million companies are on LinkedIn

Fact 3

4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions

Fact 4

62% of B2B marketers say: LinkedIn successfully generates leads – that’s twice as many as the next social platform

Fact 5

Cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google AdWords

LinkedIn Marketing Components

Based on SmartB2B methodology, there are four components of LinkedIn B2B marketing: Company Page optimisation, LinkedIn Organic Marketing (including Brand Ambassador(s) and Employee Advocacy Programmes), LinkedIn Advertising, and Lead Generation/Social Selling. It depends on each unique company what mix of these components to use and how long to do it. It is like choosing a perfect dish for a unique taste and we are here to help you to find the right combination!
  • Basics of LinkedIn presence
  • Look at it as a small website but with bigger searchability

LinkedIn Organic Marketing is producing and/or disseminating different content on LinkedIn without paying to LinkedIn platform via LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn personal profiles, LinkedIn groups and other LinkedIn subchannels

LinkedIn Advertising is a paid option on LinkedIn platform to reach different target audiences via using different type messages on different LinkedIn channels. Targeting people not by what they are looking for now but because who they are personally or professionally.

Lead Generation is a group of activities in order to find with the help of Sales Navigator target accounts and decision makers in these target accounts and persuade them to become clients. We believe in Account Based Marketing!


We use our unique methodology to detect what mix of components should be
 specifically for YOUR company, to reach YOUR goals and with YOUR available resources.

Strategy Phase

This is the stage when we understand what the company wants vs what the company can reach and what are your opportunities on the LinkedIn. We provide an Initial Assessment based on your input and our research and come up with the draft LinkedIn Marketing strategy with the ideal mix of components and activity plan.

Process Designing Phase​

Based on the agreed LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Action Plan, we help you to design processes, prepare templates and create a smooth interaction with other Sales and Marketing channels of your company.

Implementation Phase​

We will ensure the implementation of all agreed actions and will provide you with the regular reports.

Evaluation Phase​

We will evaluate the success of your company’s LinkedIn Marketing activities, based on your main goal on LinkedIn, and we will suggest the modifications.


Kristine Sergejeva

Founder at SmartB2B – The Art of LinkedIn


Kristine Sergejeva has more than 20 years of expert/managerial experience in international, EU and national level communications and marketing (specialisation – LinkedIn marketing, marketing strategies, b2b, digital, content, SM, events marketing, internal communications). She provides her services in English and in Latvian.

Kristine’s LinkedIn Marketing certificates – Advertising on LinkedIn, B2B Marketing on LinkedIn, Growing Your Small Business with LinkedIn, Learn LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Learning LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, LinkedIn Video Marketing for Personal and Brand Pages, Marketing on LinkedIn, Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn.

Olha Bilokon

Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at SmartB2B


Olha Bilokon is a chief analyst specializing in deep analysis of the client’s profile, assessing the main goal that fits their unique identity and purposes, visual image and personal branding, keywords optimization and searchability, and content marketing. Olha provides her services in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Olha’s LinkedIn Marketing certificates: Marketing on LinkedIn, Learning LinkedIn, Employer Branding on LinkedIn, B2B Marketing on LinkedIn, Personal Branding on Social Media, LinkedIn Video Marketing for Personal and Brand Pages, LinkedIn Quick Tips, Learning LinkedIn Recruiter, J.T. O’Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You


Kristine goes above & beyond to understand her clients real pain points. Her pragmatic marketing strategy doesn’t only address those pain points but also makes the marketing foundation of clients business much stronger. She is a No B.S, No Fluff, ROI driven marketer who genuinely CARES about her client’s business. I strongly recommend Kristine’s services to anyone looking for help with Linkedin marketing.


Hitesh Agarwal,

CEO at Tech Exactly and Knitup

In just three weeks, we went from having zero knowledge about and presence on LinkedIn to having an online identity, approach, and sense of comfort now guiding our momentum. Well-rounded, honest in her feedback and with a critical eye for many details, Kristine was just the partner and team player we needed.


Jessica Halgren,

Founder at HalgrenCoaching

I started to collaborate with Kristine before the launch of the 1st Digital Procurement World conference. It’s been impressive to see how Kristine was able to leverage LinkedIn and social media and contributed to the growth of DPW. With the help of organic LinkedIn marketing, smart content marketing and putting the focus on thought leadership, she was instrumental for the success of DPW2019. Just to mention some of her achievements, within 3 months, the increase of LinkedIn company page followers was 159%, the increase of the connections for the individual page was 7%, the successful social media campaign was organised during the event based on the hashtag #dpw2019 and the number of planned participants were increased from 300 to 420. Kristine is very reliable, professional and setting the highest quality standards in her work. I highly recommend her for your b2b and event marketing.


Matthias Gutzmann,

Founder at DPW

Kristine was polishing and optimizing my LinkedIn profile. She is a very knowledgeable Linkedin expert. She provided great insights into content and style and how to brand yourself. She also used third parties to get other opinions and feedback, which was very valuable.


Manuel Heilmann,

Chief Sales Officer at GUURU

Kristine helped us better understand our market and provided us with useful insights for our future actions. It was great to work with her, she was always available in case I had any questions and did her best to help us.


Irina Sanikovich,

Content & Events at Stiltsoft

She is an expert in her field, you can expect the best from her, she was able to help us set up our linked in account and pages successfully, and she’s very responsive, and patient in explaining all the procedures and steps we need to do. All her suggestions make sense. I would highly recommend her.


Sherlyn Ong,

COO at PAGE - Phil-Asian Gaming Expo

Kristine was fantastic, super responsive and really easy to work with. She really helped us get results even better than expected.


Micah Johnson,

Co-Founder at BGBO Co.

A highly skilled professional who can be trusted with the creation, implementation, and management of a company’s LinkedIn strategy. She makes sure that she delivers the highest quality even when it means she has to work more than is agreed to.


Taavi Rebane,

Messente Communications

It was a nice experience in working with Olha. Her work is professional. But more important is that her attitude is so nice that I thought she was my own staff. Will definitely work with her again.


Gary Wong,

Founder at Nova Safety


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